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Beverly Diehl's novels
are stories that sizzle

Some people enjoy a morning cup of coffee; Beverly Diehl prefers a nice hot serving of manflesh, and her erotic novels reflect that taste. So, if explicit love scenes scare you, go on home and pick up a Nancy Drew mystery. Otherwise, dig in!

Close Knit

An actress, a screenwriter, and a “sexual pirate” are only a few of the colorful people tangled together in a Los Angeles knitting group.

As the year casts on with the Golden Globe and Academy Award hoopla, working through to the Emmy Awards and binding off with New Year’s parties, twisting through wildly patterned neighborhoods and surprise encounters, these friends and lovers block out more than Fair Isle sweaters and birthday cake panties.

Status: Available for publication.

Skin Deep

Carol Burnett Jones, 24, carries a big chip on her pudgy shoulders about growing up an ugly duckling in a family of swans.

Envious of the romance everyone else seems to possess, she embarks on a personal make-over and logs on to the on-line dating scene, discovering both cyber-Princes, and toads along the way. As her body shrinks, her confidence grows—but will it cost her the love of the average Joe who once seemed like her perfect match?

Status: Under consideration for publication!

The Trouble with Yes

Constance can’t shake her jitters about standing up and saying, “Yes, I Do.” Is her fiancé, Elvis, really the King, or is she simply settling?

As tempting ex-boyfriends suddenly reappear, Connie wonders if Fate is trying to tell her something. And why can’t she seem to say anything but yes to these ghosts of relationships past?! Connie must conquer her own fear of commitment and decide if El has enough of the special qualities she needs. If so, can he break stereotypical attitudes enough to marry a woman who’s not a far cry, but rather a loud passionate gasp, from being a “nice girl?”

Status: Available for publication.
Please email Beverly's agent for the manuscript.

Help Wanted (a sequel to Skin Deep)

In the past year, Carol Burnett Jones, 25, waved a magic wand of exercise, trial-and-error, and grim determination over herself, transforming the shy, pudgy bookworm into a fit, attractive, and (comparatively) confident woman.

Now Carol faces the extinction of her beloved job, as her boss unexpectedly closes the office due to a problematic pregnancy. Carol and friends struggle to find new positions in a down economy that’ll allow them to keep in touch—not to mention two steps ahead of the bill collectors. Her boyfriend presses her to abandon the working world, marry him, and jump immediately onto the baby-making bandwagon herself. Can Carol find a new job and save the relationship without losing her independence—or her mind?

Status: Work-in-progress.

Balancing Act

Larissa, a struggling single mom, has carved a marginal niche of acceptance for herself in an extremely conservative community. She loves her son dearly, but needs to reclaim her life as Larissa, not just somebody’s mother or a good little employee. Can she balance work, single motherhood, and a sex life, without destroying her son or her reputation?

Status: Work-in-progress.

For a synopsis or exerpt of any work in progress, or a sample of Beverly's short stories, email the author.

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