How To Repair A Broken Tiara

1) Assemble pieces, put on granny glasses, plug in soldering iron.

2) Grab soldering iron off kitchen towel just before kitchen towel ignites.

3) Note to self: Next time, use handle to grab soldering iron. Next time, no soldering iron.

4) Apply ice to burned fingertips.

5) Unplug soldering iron and get out gorilla glue.

6) Apply gorilla glue to broken ends of tiara. Attempt to hold in place.

7) Realize glue is not sticking to anything but burned fingertips.

8) Many swears while looking for runaway cap for gorilla glue.

9) Decide tiara looks fucking awesome, just as it is.

10) Raise glass of champagne to toast and celebrate the broken, imperfect, but still gorgeous things.

Despite burned fingertips and several project failures, including problems adjusting the font on this post, I had fun last weekend. And I got some writing done.

How was your weekend?
Got a good project failure story?