Moving Is a Bitch

Thankfully, I do not have to move my living quarters, though that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Moving periodically forces you to get rid of a lot of accumulated crap.

What I am moving, however, is my blog. I currently have over 400 published and another 50+ drafts over on Blogger, which I intend to move here. That way, all my stuff is in the same place. That was kind of the point with creating a new website in the first place.

Emphasis on the Dummies

I have been reading this book (which is a real snoozefest in places, thank you technical jargon) and think I have a basic understanding of tags and categories. I installed a spam filtering program, so I don’t get, as my web guru warned me, 12,000 comments in one day. (And yet, I still feel lost as I type this. Blogger was SO MUCH more intuitive, for me.)

I hope I get some comments, though. *taps* Is this thing on?

Also, like moving a household, maybe I don’t want to move ALL my crap over here. Some posts I might want to check the links, choose new pictures, revise the content. Others I might to post via Medium. Still others I may want to shitcan altogether.

What I will probably throw away. (Graphic via Pixabay free images)


What I should be getting rid of. (Photo via Dominic Alves on flickr) 

Have you ever moved a blog from one platform to another? I know I could use the Export and Import features, and go back later to do the clean-up they need, but let’s be real. If I do that, I will never be going back to clean ’em up.

Your thoughts, and tips?

2 Replies to “Moving Is a Bitch”

  1. Looks like your move is going well. I think you will find WordPress easy to get used to. When I started mine I didn’t do any reading beforehand, just jumped in and started posting. They have some great online tutorials if you need help. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  2. I hesitate to buy books about technology because after one or two updates to the software, the book can stop beting true! But you are chipping away at it and I know you’ll get the best of your Blogger content to the new site, little by little.

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