Purging My Opinions

Sometimes you can get so weighted down with old ideas, there isn’t room for any more.

A few eons ago, I started collecting buttons. A little while after that, I got the idea to affix them to an old T-shirt.

The Button Shirt, Take One

Time went on, and not only was my old shirt tearing to shreds, there were buttons with slogans that had also not worn well. Ideas that were screaming at each other. Otherlooked milestones, like hitting 200 at the bowling alley (so what, I’m still proud of it!) and the one gallon Red Cross marker were hidden  under other stuff.

Baseball Years

All my son’s baseball buttons were staying, of course. So interesting to watch the transition from eager little player to the “too cool to smile” teen age.


Then the decorative pins. These I winnowed down easily.

I almost never wore ANY of these.


And then the political pins, some from eons ago, and some just this summer. Couple of these went away, though I couldn’t part with the Noe one.

Political Pins

And, so much snark! But how much snark do I really need?

Snarky snark

I really don’t need the more angrily edgy ones. When the world is going hard on us, perhaps a better technique may be, going softer, kinder on it.

Though I couldn’t give up ALL my snark.

The weeded down version


The reading ones, all staying.

The pins, below, all went away, except for the one about naked men.

The Work Sucks and Male-Bashing Collection

Yes, I am angry at the patriarchy, and there are things I can and am doing with my anger, but wearing provocation on my breast, probably not the most effective approach. Also, in the thought-process of “don’t reinforce a negative,” bitching about being broke is probably not helpful to my life. Bye bye!

Sex Positive and anal sex Buttons? Staying!


Strange Times? Yes.

Now, on my Moody Blue Strange Times T-shirt, I have room for Jesus, and the other buttons I’m keeping. And for new buttons, new ideas, to find a home.

Six years ago this month one of my best friends, Sidney Patrick, died unexpectedly. Another indirect casualty of loving a hoarder or two.  Sid was much on my mind as I sorted. I thought about how hoarders and their loved ones are emotionally (and sometimes physically) crushed by the weight of all the THINGS being held onto, long past usefulness. How much time, energy, and effort do we put into caring for possessions that no longer speak to us or give us joy? And why do we do this to ourselves?

I definitely need to make purging a more regular part of my self-care routine.

How about you? Do you collect buttons or bumper stickers? What are your personal favorites, either of mine, or from your own collection?

4 Replies to “Purging My Opinions”

  1. I love your buttons! Yes purging is a good thing to do. It is freeing. I am not a collector and still manage to have a lot, and sometimes too much, stuff.

  2. I collect keychains. I have a long strand of them hanging from a carabiner in my bedroom. I should probably get rid of some of them. I don’t even put keychains on my key ring! LOL But, they did come in handy recently as my mother accidentally tossed her keys in the garbage one morning in her way in to work. So after she got her keys replaced I let her take her pick of any that she might want. She chose a bright pink bottle opener if only to make it easier for her to spot her keys in her bottomless pit of a purse. Purging is generally good for the soul, and I admit I don’t do enough of it. My room and our basement are both piled with things I’ve collected over the years but can’t seem to part with. Though my mother’s collection would put mine to shame. I’m hoping not to pass this habit on to my son.

  3. I was holding onto all my old hotel cards because my son was planning to start a career in hospitality. Now that he has totally changed his career aspirations, I guess it is time to get rid of the cards. However, I haven’t been able to part with them because of all the memories. Someday soon. I just purged all my former projects and papers from my corporate career. I retired 5 years ago and don’t plan to go back. It felt good to throw away so many boxes of stuff.

  4. So much decision making you did! Make sure you take time to self care from your self care! Making those kinds of decisions can be mentally exhausting – what an accomplishment!

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