Sometimes you have to throw on a crown and remind cancer who it’s dealing with…

“Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n Roll, and a Tiara is at times funny, and others, heart-wrenching. Beverly Diehl’s experiences with breast cancer give the reader a positive way of approaching disease.  She is uncompromisingly determined to live life to the fullest and an inspiration to all of us.” ~Amazon review

Nobody wants breast cancer, especially after watching their beloved mother die from it. 
Why would anyone say this journey was the beginning of the happiest years of their life?

Because it had an awesome playlist, that’s why.

Here’s how Beverly’s Kicking Cancer’s Ass soundtrack was built. She started with the classics: the support of sex-positive partners, fabulous family and friends. Mixed in plenty of feel-good music and added some medicinal marijuana. Spiced it up with books, body-positivity, kittens, boudoir photography, and more. Threw on a big, glittery tiara. 

Because sometimes one has to throw on a crown and remind Cancer who it’s dealing with.

Advance praise

“I love how she brings her sexuality into every bit of her life, refusing to be stopped by her disease. She gives meaning to the term sex-positive.”
—Walker J. Thornton, author of Inviting Desire

“Feeling sexy when your body isn’t a size six, let alone when that bountiful, beautiful body experiences health problems, can challenge anyone. This memoir shares an intimate journey of body-positivity, love, friendship, vulnerability, setbacks, and triumphs. Sex-positivity for the win!”
—Elle Chase, author of Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life

“Beverly Diehl has beautifully written a brave, funny, fascinating memoir, opening her heart to the reader in a way that is honest, raw, insightful and loving. From themes as diverse as cancer to polyamory, Beverly is a trusted guide and confidant. She shines her light on the dark times with a wit that simply sparkles, and reading this book is just like talking to a best friend.”
—Andra Jenkin, co-author of Double-edged Sword: The Simonne Butler Story

Readers respond on Amazon!

“A written and visual feast of a book.”

“It is raw, vulnerable, and real in a way that few books are, while also paving a way for laughter and light to sneak its way into the reader’s heart.”

“Not only is it unblinking and visceral, it’s also laugh-out-loud funny and scientific journal informative.”

“This memoir is action packed with stories that will make you laugh, cry and question your values and actions.”

“Bev’s beautifully written voice is truly authentic, honest, informative, funny, heartfelt, and poly-educational.”

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You say you have my breast cancer memoir? Great! Get your book group to read it. You provide the wine and cheese and I’ll provide the discussion questions.

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll, and a Tiara (How I Celebrated Kicking Cancer's Ass)