Slutting Around with Janet W. Hardy

I firmly believe that anyone who can come out, should. The more of us there are leading our happy, responsible, mutually supportive lives, the more people will see that it is possible to be non-monogamous and also be ethical and a good member of our community.

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10 Questions with Author Shea Swain

I’m very pleased to be hosting brillliant author Shea Swain on my blog this month, for one of my ten-question interviews. 1) Shrinks would say that all our (writers’) characters are us, in some way, including the villains. Which character do you most strongly identify with – or, which character is most like you would…

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A Million to One: Tony Faggioli

These books are thrillers – but they’re about love.

“The vast majority of us have this reverence for the concept of love and an innate need for it. As such, regardless of the spiritual base from which you may read the story, you can appreciate what the characters are going through.”

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