Wet & Messy Fun #bodyimage #freedom

I am never going to look in the mirror and feel love or see beauty, in a roll of fat. When I try, I just set myself for failure and more hating on myself for failing that, too. If you can do it, more power to you!

But I can look for and appreciate other things about the strong, healthy body I inhabit, which gives me indescribable pleasure. This body kicked cancer’s ass! It is amazing and deserves love. Just as it is.

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2015-Best Year of My Life (So Far)

While the writing goals I had at the beginning of 2015 kinda went by the wayside, as did my blog here, I had so much to celebrate. Here’s something I shared on FaceBook. 2015 was the BEST year of my life. Why? I was taking care of myself: — Did yoga and got in cardio…

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