Writes on the wild side

Beverly Diehl has been reading as long as she can remember. Probably didn’t exit the womb with book in hand, but was gnawing on Little Golden Books long before her first birthday. She started writing as a teenager, but discarded most of her early efforts because, welp, they sucked.

“I thought the words were supposed to drip from my pen as golden, perfectly shaped pearls,” she says. “Then I discovered rewriting.” She’s been writing (and rewriting) ever since.

She’s written for various anthologies, blogs, and enjoys challenging cultural norms and assumptions, the goal being stories that are fun to read and make people think. She loves reading and writing contemporary erotic romance and erotic fiction, but when breast cancer came a-calling, that story, like her boobs, presented itself up front and central.

Beverly lives in Los Angeles with her two wild and crazy teenage kitties, Motivation and Creativity.

Tivvy on the left, Mojo on the right.
Sometimes I tag them on Instagram as #50ShadesOfGrayCats