Rita Moreno: Great Sluts of History

“This idea lasts through my whole life: I always play a part. For so many years, I have to be a ‘smoldering sexy spitfire.’ Rita Moreno – funny and bold and golden as all her statuettes. The Hispanic heroine with all four gleaming prizes – Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Grammy – big money, hot lovers, ‘perfect’…

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Got Girl Boner?

Two women, each holding a copy of each others' book

Have you ever met someone you’ve known, via the wonder of the Interwebs, for a while, and you’re a total fangirl of their work and you worry, when you do finally get to meet them, that you will either babble like a brook or be totally tongue-tied? Welp. I met August McLaughlin, for an interview…

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Selma, Jodi Picoult, & White Privilege

How much do you know about Black History or Black culture, my white friends? If you’re like me, not nearly as much as we should. And we certainly shouldn’t only care about it during Black History Month, but it’s as good a time as ever to step up our game. Retonia Brashier on Facebook posted…

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