Got Girl Boner?

Two women, each holding a copy of each others' book

Have you ever met someone you’ve known, via the wonder of the Interwebs, for a while, and you’re a total fangirl of their work and you worry, when you do finally get to meet them, that you will either babble like a brook or be totally tongue-tied? Welp. I met August McLaughlin, for an interview…

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The Return of the Zombie Manuscript

Joyce’s father, now deceased, had also attempted a novel, a Western, back in the day. She thought that Uncle Ralph might enjoy reading it, so she dug into the boxes she’d been hauling across multi states for decades, took it to FedEx/Kinko’s, and had them bind it into a real book for him.

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Kevin Patterson on the Hot Seat #POC&Polyamory

I’m newish to polyamory, and always feel honored and blessed to learn from the experts. I met Kevin and Antoinette Patterson online a few years ago, then in person at CatalystCon 2016. What I’ve seen of his relationship style and efforts to build community is mindful, kind, and always ethical to all parties involved. I…

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