Got Girl Boner?

Two women, each holding a copy of each others' book

Have you ever met someone you’ve known, via the wonder of the Interwebs, for a while, and you’re a total fangirl of their work and you worry, when you do finally get to meet them, that you will either babble like a brook or be totally tongue-tied? Welp. I met August McLaughlin, for an interview…

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Curvy Girl Sex with Elle Chase

So because I am a generous soul, I am GAVE AWAY an autographed copy of my new favorite sex book by sexologist Elle Chase. This book is AMAZING, and despite the title, you don’t have to be a “girl” or curvy to use this book. It works for men, women, and genderfluid people, of ALL shapes…

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Still Beautiful, Still Sexy, After Breast Cancer

Ready to discuss cancer? And look at naked boobs? Can we make that a hell yes? Estimates are that as many as 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with and survive cancer. Sadly, not everyone will beat cancer, breast, or otherwise. I lost a dear friend, Sherwin Davis, to pancreatic cancer just last month. #fuckingcancer But for…

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First Drafts – Goldilocks & the Three Diets

I do wonder how many of the health problems of fat people can be linked to social shaming and ostracization, to self-loathing. I remember all too well the thrill during my dieting days, when the scale gave me “good news.” The widespread social approval and praise I earned by being a more “acceptable” size. And the horror and shame I felt when the numbers on the fucking scale slowly, inexorably crept upward.

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Wet & Messy Fun #bodyimage #freedom

I am never going to look in the mirror and feel love or see beauty, in a roll of fat. When I try, I just set myself for failure and more hating on myself for failing that, too. If you can do it, more power to you!

But I can look for and appreciate other things about the strong, healthy body I inhabit, which gives me indescribable pleasure. This body kicked cancer’s ass! It is amazing and deserves love. Just as it is.

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